Let Us Help You Sell Your Home

Relationships Matter

Positioning a property in front of the right buyer takes experience, knowledge, strategic planning, and good relationship management. More importantly, garnering the best price is about finding the right buyer. Someone that appreciates the collective qualities and features of a property, and who's lifestyle is enhanced by the surrounding neighborhood and community. Through maintaining relationships with brokers across Chicago, I can ensure that my marketing will highlight the unique qualities of your home and appeal to the right buyer. 

The Value of Vintage

Those selling their historic homes can at times feel that they are disadvantaged in a market filled with newly built residences. However, there is a value in your vintage home, which offers a buyer something unique. A historic home is constructed with attention to detail and high quality materials that stand the test of time, giving the building character that cannot be achieved through modern construction. With a thorough knowledge of the craftsmanship, architectural styles and historical value of the vintage homes in Chicago, I can market your home to emphasize the qualities that interest a buyer looking to own a piece of history. From historic windows, millwork and heating systems, to appropriate mortar for historic brick and updates that are sympathetic to a historic home's integrity - I understand the value of vintage and historic homes. 

Chicago's Neighborhoods 

As is commonly noted of the city, Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. Having a thorough knowledge of these neighborhoods, their past and their development, is what sets me apart. I have conducted extensive market research on real estate in the prominent neighborhoods of Chicago, focusing additionally on those with landmark district designation. These historic neighborhoods, recognized for their significant architecture and historical value, protect the property values within the area through the stable and careful control of its development. As a result, the character of the neighborhood you buy in today will be preserved and maintained in perpetuity. 

Enhancing Your Home's Natural Beauty 

Historic homes already provide visually interesting and architecturally beautiful details and spaces, so my marketing focuses on highlighting and enhancing the quality of the character that is already there. Additionally, historic homes and neighborhoods require a specific language, knowledge and understanding in order to be marketed to the right buyer. Knowing the most significant features of your home to bring to the buyer's attention is vital in communicating the value and character of your historic home. With many years of experience in pricing, marketing, staging and selling historic homes, I can be sure to bring your home's best features forward. 

What We Provide:

Professional Photography
Staging Quotes & Services (if needed)
Video Tour Highlighting Important Living Areas
Professionally Designed Color Brochure with Complete Property Details Detailed
Ad Copy Providing a Property "Personality"
Stand Alone Website with Individualized URL (e.g. www.123mainstreet.com)
Complete Property Description on www.koenigrubloff.com with over 100,000 unique visitors each month

Social Media Marketing:

We will post various property announcements, including a "Coming Soon" post and a "Just Listed" post, several posts throughout the life of the listing, and updated posts for any changes to the listing. We use Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, and our systematic, agent paid process, our Four-Step Facebook Strategy to create and sustain buzz around our listings. Our posts will have varying images and text to keep the material fresh and new. All Social Media Marketing is subject to seller approval.


Email Marketing:

We use email marketing to promote your listing to Chicago's top agents and brokers. Our Constant Contact campaigns are designed with eye-popping images and just the right amount of information to create buzz around your home. These campaigns allow us to track interest, target potential buyers, and network with other agents to reach ALL of Chicago's real estate agents and brokers. 

Search Engine Syndication:

We are nationally and internationally syndicated to over 80 of the most popular Real Estate Search Engines. This allows your property to be seen and searched for around the world. Some of the most popular search engines include:





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